All About vSphere 6.0 / VMware Certified Roadmap

I have not much time. vSphere 6 was released last month. I would like to summarize the new highlight features of ESXi 6.0. Actually, you may read them from other sites but I would like to recap on my blog.

ESXi 6.0

New Features

Enhanced features

  • Fault Tolerance support for 4 vCPU
  • vMotion Enhancements¬†
    • vMotion across vCenter¬†
    • vMotion across Virtual Switches : Virtual Standard Switch (VSS), Virtual Distributed Switches (VDSs)
    • vMotion using routed vmotion networks
    • Long-distance vMotion for use cases such as:
      • Permanent migration (often for Datacenter expansions, acquisitions, consolidations)
      • Disaster avoidance
      • SRM and disaster avoidance testing
      • Multi-site capacity utilization
      • Follow-the-sun scenarios
      • Onboarding onto vSphere-based public cloud (including VMware vCloud Air)
  • Better Microsoft clustering support
  • Hot-add RAM now vNUMA aware
  • WDDM 1.1 GDI acceleration features


  • You can set a guaranteed bandwidth¬†
  • VMware stopped selling and supporting Cisco Nexus 1000v viritual switch but Cisco will continue to support

vSphere Replication

  • VR Traffic can be isolated from other vSphere host traffic
  • Compression can be enabled. It is disabled by default
  • Uses FastLZ compression llibraries

VMware vCenter 6.0

  • Microsoft clustering support, not just the database
  • Fault Tolerance is not supported for vCenter Server on Windows and the vCenter appliance
  • vMotion across vCenter. Requires vSphere 6.0 on both ends
  • Long distance vMotion increased latency supports up to 100ms RTTs
  • Windows install supports Postgres and External SQL and Oracle DBs
  • vCSA supports embedded Postgres and external Oracle DBs

VMware VM Component Protection (VMCP)

Imagin fiber channel controller failure, VMware HA is now able to detect the loss of storage connection and restart virtual machine on other hosts



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